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Pan and the Fairys

Been adding some of my artwork this is one of my own personal favorites, And like most artist i tend to belive my art speaks better than i do, something that has become more apparent as the years of living with Fibromyalga have messed with my short term memory. Since 2000 when i took the decistion to focus on my art and just let it develop taking in the referance that ment something to me and keep away from the contempery seane. It has given me the ability to develop something quite unique, whilst also alowing me to develop in my own way. This has pros and cons, the latter being that now i am looking for those inhancing oppertunity whilst not being total sure where to go.

Hello, all new friends and old, Sacredcircles the art of Cherrie Button now has a new blog here on WordPress, this is where i will post about what new  art is underway and which protects and events i have in the pipeline, 2012 has so far been busy with designs being commissioned by a pewter company and the recent completion of the album cover for folk band Away with the Fearies,

In addition to which the resent Avalon Fairy Festival was great fun and it was great to meet as many talented artist as well as the amazing Brian and Wendy Froud and the Talented Linda Ravenscroft and sacred circle will be there again in the autumn.

I am currently working on a Tattoo and jewelery Design book i am hoping to get published which has come about from the commissions and the request of friends and fans alike so all in all every thing is bobbing along nicely love and light to you all Cherrie

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